In Eve Online, there is a massive Battle ongoing in the System of M2-XFE.

For now it’s not the Battle with most Players involved (about 5400, biggest was 6500 earlier 2020), but it’s on the way to become the most expensive one.

At this early point of the Battle (about 2h30 after Titans went active) there are already 60 killed Titans and even some faction Titans (4x expensive)

The start of M2-XFE

Around midnight EVE Server Time (GMT) the biggest (and apart from very special and limited ships the most expensive ones) Ships – Titans   – started triggering their Doomsday Weapons.

Objective of the Fight

The Objective of the Fight was about a Keepstar – Largest available Structure in the Game – from Goonswarm Federation. Fights to kill Structures usually happen in three “Timers” – Shield, Armor and Structure. This was the Armor timer. While those Structures are expensive to build, the massive losses of  Titans on both sides dwarfs the value of one single Keepstar.

Ship Participation

(Scan was made after about 100 Titans were already down)

904 Titan
688 Force Auxiliary
537 Heavy Assault Cruiser
497 Supercarrier
456 Battleship
257 Carrier
251 Interceptor
232 Tactical Destroyer
125 Assault Frigate
121 Capsule
119 Frigate
110 Heavy Interdiction Cruiser
99 Dreadnought
91 Logistics Cruiser
72 Recon Ship
53 Interdictor
41 Cruiser
37 Command Ship
31 Logistics Frigate
27 Command Destroyer
25 Electronic Attack Ship
20 Flag Cruiser
18 Industrial
15 Destroyer
12 Covert Ops
10 Strategic Cruiser

The War of PAPI vs Goonswarm

The War behind the Battle of M2-XFE has been raging for some time now, with PAPI forces invading Goonswarm Territory. PAPI is a coalition of several big Alliances.


Screenshots of the M2-XFE Fight

About massive Fights in Eve Online

Massive fights in EVE Online are fought in “Time Dilation”. This means, in the Star System where the fight happens, time is dialed down to 10%, meaning one real hour are 6 minutes in the game, slowing everything down to give the Servers a chance to calculate and interpret the actions of all the players involved.

With such high player and ship numbers, even the biggest and best fitted ships can be volleyed off the field by beeing targeted by 100+ characters at once.

Besides the “Big Toys” like Titans shooting their counterparts, there are Fleets of up to 256 Pilots even down to the smallest of ships securing strategic positions and structures to give their side an edge in the big Battle.

If you want to try the game you can use my Invite Link to get extra Skillpoints for a faster start! 

Be advised, it’s not an easy game and best enjoyed with other Players!